Where is code created?

1 Aug

Are you surprised by this question? You are thinking the answer is so obvious, isn’t it? Of course, the code is created in the computer!

Just think about it. Is the code really created in the computer? In my humble opinion, No. The code is created in the head of the developer. “What happens (while creating code) in the mind is some discovery or decision. What we do at the keyboard is turning that discovery or decision into useful form”. (credit: Paul Oldfield)

Profound, isn’t it? I cannot think of any argument against this fact.

If we accept this as a fact, several questions come to my mind:

  • Given that people are the most important ‘resource’ for software creation, why are people treated like nonliving ‘things’?
  • For something which people primarily create in their heads, why is intrinsic motivation not given the importance it deserves, and why is it (wrongly) believed that incentivizing with monetary rewards is the best way to motivate people?
  • Why are we obsessed with applying manufacturing relevant productivity measures to people? E.g. Typing code for at least 6 hours a day.
  • Why is effort spent towards communication and collaboration between team members seen as nonproductive/waste, when in effect this will actually lead to better product/solution?
  • If we take into account the collective experience of the team and the fact that all human beings are capable of thinking, why are Managers more powerful than the teams?

Answers please, anyone?

I am extremely saddened by the colossal waste and non-utilization of human brain’s potential, in the IT industry. Hope to see a revolution happening for changing this. As of now, moving to the Agile mindset is my only hope.


One Response to “Where is code created?”

  1. akash April 2, 2015 at 4:36 am #

    Hi Sunil,

    I think mindset change is not enough… it needs generational change… the middle level managers from the TCS, Infosys, HCL of the world who have moved on to key managerial roles at various IT vendors and captive centers have created this slave master relationship every where… I dont see the Agile mindset anywhere other than in niche players… rest just follow Agile like waterfall in iterations

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